This is my retro homepage, I like to think of it as web dot nothing.

I "maintain" it on the basis that there's been a web presence here since the mid-nineties and some people might still think it relevant. (Hi Mum!)

Here are some links to things that may or may not be particularly interesting:

Here is some useful - or not so useful - information about me, in no particular order of importance:

  • I am a Leo, apparently

  • I bought a bicycle once

  • I grew up in countryside but moved to a city when I realised I was allergic to animals

  • I am currently living in the south-ish of France and teach English to adults in exchange for shiny things

  • I enjoy travelling, preferably by train, but don't do enough

  • I have a bit of a French car fixation. Big, old, floaty Citroëns, preferably

  • I did web stuff from 1995-2010, a lot of it online smut-mongery. I don't any more. (Does it show?)

  • I am not the James Coates of The Chicago Tribune